A Simpler Christmas

back alley christmas
Darwin Bell / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

On December 13th I wrote about a good article on the Debt Discipline blog about controlling holiday spending. Here is another one. This article speaks about a Lighter, Simpler, More Beautiful Holiday. This is article gives us some excellent things to think about concerning how we enjoy this holiday season.

The post author, Allison Vesterfelt discusses how to change the holiday season to make it more genuine and more enjoyable. In the process you spend less money and give more joy.

One idea that Allison discusses is that we are often too tied to the way we have done this season in the past. She suggests we make changes. It may not always be easy to do that but it can be so rewarding.

Do not feel trapped into feeling you must do Christmas the way you did last year or the year before. Reinvent how you celebrate this holiday.

Let us know what you think of Allison’s insights here after you read the article.

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Daniel R. Murphy
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