8 Beliefs that Limit Leadership

Acordar as pessoas: há um novo dia!“A follower, a manager, and a leader walk into a bar. They are all thirsty for a beer but the place is very crowded and it may be a while before they are served. Sure enough, many minutes pass and no one helps them. Feeling annoyed but unsure of what he can do, the follower continues to sit patiently for the waiter to arrive.”

In just a minute I will let you know how the rest of that joke went.

This joke was the opening of an article entitled 8 Beliefs That Limit Your Leadership Potentional posted by David Spungin in February on the AgendaWEForum.

Spungin shatters the stereotypical leader’s role a bit and points out that being a good leader is more complex than we might assume.

Later in the article Spungin observes:

“In my executive coaching work, I have come across several common beliefs that consistently show up and can limit a leader’s potential. Note that these stories do not discriminate, and even the most successful leaders can sometimes fall victim to them periodically. My hope is that by sharing these with you, it may bring awareness to your own personal stories and how they impact your leadership potential. As you read these first four, check-in with yourself….what is it that you believe?”

To see the end of the joke and read this entire and excellent article go here.

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