3 Things That May Improve and Prolong Your Life

At the recent International TED Conference in Vancouver, BC, three key ideas were presented that can give greater meaning to life and perhaps extend it as well.

  1. Face-to-Face Social Interaction Leads to a Longer Life

Psychologist Susan Pinker has discovered from research that improving human connections have the largest single effect on our well-being and our health.  She has written a book about it called The Village Effect.

  1. Knowing When to Turn Off Your Smartphone Enriches Your Life

Professor of marketing and psychology Adam Alter spoke at the Vancouver TED talk and described the benefits to regularly disconnecting – turning the smart phone off and even deleting all emails received when it is off. He has studied the effects screen time has on our lives. He found that the more people are glued to their phones and other devices the less happy they are.

  1. Chasing meaning, not happiness, is what really matters

In The Power of Meaning Emily Esfahani Smith describes how happiness comes from attaining a sense of meaning. Prioritizing people in your life who you truly love is the first important aspect of meaning. The second aspect is having purpose in life. Purpose is our way of adding value or contributing. We can find this purpose in our work and also in volunteer activities.

There is nothing truly new about these ideas. They have long been known but often forgotten or never discovered. You can hear these presentations by simply entering the author’s names in YouTube for TED talks. To dig more deeply into these ideas you can read the books. Click on the titles to order the books.

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