3 Habits of Very Successful People

Acordar as pessoas: há um novo dia!It is difficult to identify the three most important habits of very successful people but John Addison hits on three of them that are very good candidates in his Success.com post last July.

First, the three habits:

  1. Winners get out of bed early
  2. Successful people set daily goals
  3. Successful people focus

These may not sound too difficult, but for many people they are. As difficult as these habits may be to form initially once they become your habitual way of conducting your day you will see results.

#1- Rising Early

I have done this for years. I admit it may be easier for me because I am naturally a “morning person”. In the morning my energy is at its peak for the day. But even if you are not naturally a morning person you can gradually rise earlier each day until you are up by 5 or 6 AM. That will give you two or three hours before you need to be at work to do important things you are not likely to have time or energy to do later in the day.

I use that early morning time to exercise, think, plan, read and write. I am writing this post in fact at 6:10 AM. A little over an hour ago I got up and walked for 30 minutes. At this hour there are no interruptions. It is totally my time and I love it.

#2- Daily Goals

If you do not set goals for the most important things you need or want to achieve today it is very likely they will not get done. This is especially true if you work during the day. The day will be filled with interruptions, distractions, problems that need solving and other barriers to getting done what you need to get done. Set one or two important goals each day and you will achieve more.

Either the night before, or first thing in the morning you need to set aside just a few minutes to think about what you want to get done today and write it down as goals you can refer to throughout the day. That should come before the email in box or the news feed. It should come first.

I usually get to the office by 7, make coffee, and then set my daily goals.

#3- Focus

Setting goals is important but if you do not focus on them it will not make any difference. You must focus on what is important. Successful people understand this. It does require some discipline to do each day. Sufficient focus will get results. You do not want to end your day wondering what you accomplished that day.

Addison says: “Look, I’m not going to lie to you: Winning and success is quite often boring. It’s doing the same successful thing over and over again. But there is a scoreboard in life and business, and establishing repetitive habits that lead to effective performance is the key to winning results—and results are what matters”.

Like it or not he is correct, results matter and following these three habits will improve your results.

Read Addison’s entire post here.
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Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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