For the Love of Dogs

German shephard dog laying

German shephard dog laying

What you may ask do dogs have to do with creating true wealth?

Actually a lot. Permit me to depart from the usual here and consider some things about the inestimable value dogs bring to our lives and how they help create true wealth for us. (photo credit)

Maria Popova wrote a great post on in October of this year about our relationship with dogs. She writes:

“A lot of us humans,” Ursula K. Le Guin wrote in her magnificent meditation on aging and what beauty really means, “are like dogs: we really don’t know what size we are, how we’re shaped, what we look like.” But humanity’s abiding love of dogs has to do with something deeper than this psychological kinship — in loving us, dogs clarify our own size and shape by mirroring back to us who we really are.

The magnetism of that mutuality is what artist, visual memoirist, and champion of attentiveness Maira Kalman explores in Beloved Dog (public library) — a tender, quirky, scrumptiously sincere love letter our canine companions, part memoir of and part manifesto for the adoration of Dog.” Read the rest of the post here.

It has now been just over two years since our beloved Teva left us. She was the most intelligent dog I ever knew. She had health problems and some problems that humans might call psychological in nature. But she was a completely loyal and loving companion to the entire family. She was part of our family and her loss was felt very deeply.

Teva was the last of a list of dogs I’ve known and loved. I freely confess I am a dog lover. When I see them in the park I cannot resist watching them and when I can petting them. When I visit someone’s home I often feel more drawn to their dogs then I do to the people.

True wealth is about far more than money. It is about the quality of life including the people and the pets we love. Dogs give us their complete loyalty and love. As someone observed, they are part of our lives but we are their lives.

If you can afford to own a dog and have a suitable home for one it is a great addition to your life. If you cannot own a dog you can volunteer at animal shelters to care for them. If that does not appeal to you perhaps a friend or neighbor has a dog you can get to know.

However you can do so let a dog into your life and you will never be the same.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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