12 Ways to Create Space in Your Day

paul bica / Foter.com / CC BY

Joshua Becker has a great post on the Becoming Minimalist blog about making some space in your day to relax, rest your mind and recharge. He notes that science has shown that we deplete our mental energy throughout the day by working too hard and by failing to take time for ourselves.

He then lists 12 great tips on how to recapture that time and rest your mind and body. A well-rested mind and body will be recharged and will allow you to be more productive.

I am a morning person. From 5:00 AM on I have tremendous mental and physical energy. I can dive into a project and make great progress. By 1:00 PM my energy levels are dropping fast and by 3:00 PM I am only a fraction as productive and accurate in what I am doing as I was at 5:00 AM. Even if you are an evening person you need to learn to pace yourself to take advantage of your energy when it is on full throttle and then rest up and regain some juice. Becker’s suggestions are some good ideas to do just that.

Read the article and let us know here what you think.

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Daniel R. Murphy
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