10 Common Time Management Mistakes

ETMHere is a great article on ten common mistakes people make in managing their time and good advice on how to avoid them. Originally published by mindtools.com, a company that has been around since 1996, this article was reprinted by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

The articles starts out:

How well do you manage your time?

When we do manage our time well, however, we’re exceptionally productive at work, and our stress levels drop. We can devote time to the interesting, high-reward projects that can make a real difference to a career. In short, we’re happier!

  1. Failing to Keep a To-Do List

Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten to do an important piece of work? If so, you probably don’t use a To-Do List to keep on top of things.

The trick with using To-Do Lists effectively lies in prioritizing the tasks on your list. Many people use an A – F coding system (A for high priority items, F for very low priorities).

Alternatively, you can simplify this by using A through D, or by using numbers.

  1. Not Setting Personal Goals

Do you know where you’d like to be in six months? What about this time next year, or even 10 years from now? If not, it’s time to set some personal goals!

Personal goal setting is essential to managing your time well, because goals give you a destination and vision to work toward. When you know where you want to go, you can manage your priorities, time, and resources to get there. Goals also help you decide what’s worth spending your time on, and what just a distraction is.

Read the rest of the article and the tips here.

These tips are sound. They are based on well-established techniques for managing your time more effectively. It is a quick read and worth looking at. Even if you only implement one tip you are likely to make better use of your time.

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